Thank you everyone for your input on Dragon Juice.
Basic rules to remember are that Dragon Juice always needs Water to work its best!
Please don't waste your chemical by using it straight in super concentrated form.
Common terms i use and what i mean when i say them:
Ratio or dilution phrases....
5/1 or 5 to 1 or 5 in 1 = total parts and Dragon Juice Parts
all of these above when i am referring to them would be 4 parts water / 1 part Dragon Juice.

More to come soon.....



08/27/2015 3:29pm

Looking forward to more... Thanks! :)


Providing the commonly used terms and especially the measurement in different unit makes it a lot easier for anyone who would want to try concocting the dragon juice formula. If only I have mastered the conversion table of measurement when I was still in school, I could have gotten a higher grade in my chemistry class.


This is awesome. I really want to master how it works. Thanks for sharing all these tricks. Wait, are you really using octopus on this? I am just kidding. Please keep sharing how you do it. We always try everything at home. My son loves what he sees. It's nice that everything is available in this site.

04/10/2016 4:33pm

Thank you for this explanation. I would like to read more information about Dragon Juice and to find new ways to use it.

05/22/2016 8:07am

LOL! This dragon juice contains some high quality chemicals. And here you are sharing more recipes that can be made by utilizing this. Don’t you think this is unfair for people? And it seems that you are playing with the people life only for gaining the fun for yourself.

06/09/2016 8:35am

I am really impressed with your initiatives as well as truly happy to visit this blog post.

06/24/2016 5:53am

i like the recipe and i watched the videos about it before, with my showbox app.

08/01/2016 12:13am

Thanks a lot to you for sharing basic rules to remember are that Dragon Juice always needs Water to work its best!

08/03/2016 2:28am

I can't believe people are out here forgetting to include the water

08/03/2016 2:30am

by sniffing it alone, you should be able to tell

08/03/2016 2:29am

I can't believe people are out here forgetting to include the water.

12/15/2016 2:03am

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