Some common used Ratios but the list is Growing!

10/1 (pre-spray flat work heavy oil)
15/1 ( gutters)
16/1 (awning )
20/1 (pre-spray flat work med oil)
40/1 (commercial flatwork maintenance)
50/1 (carpet) (auto detail)
64/1 (heavy soiled window cleaning)
100/1 ÷ (injector ratio ) = downstream mix Flatwork
128/1 (Window cleaning) (carpet)
133/1 × (injector ratio) house washes
200/1 Flatwork
500/1 (roof mixtures)

All have been used the most frequently and reported for different situations, these are all Contractor reported ratios, so try different ones always. When testing always test a small area for color fastness and needed dilutions



06/16/2016 7:57am

I have got best tips and concepts here about a few common ratios from concentrate chemicals for cleaned mixtures. Every time I am getting best methods here with mydragonjuice blog keep it up.

08/31/2016 3:29am

Most commercial cleaning solutions contain hazardous materials that can harm not only our health but also the environment. If you still remember your lessons in Chemistry class, you'll recognize the chemicals found in a cleaning agent are poisonous. I hope Dragon Juice can research, study and find ways to create an organic mixture that is health and environment friendly. It's time to promote safe and nature friendly products.

08/04/2016 3:29pm

Very interesting looking post and I must appraise your efforts to write this post.

08/20/2016 8:08am

Is this mixture dangerous? Tell us about it, please. It's very interesting.

09/06/2016 3:09am

Okay, I'll try different one's! And then I'll write what combination was the best one :)


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